J Chromatogr A. Nov 8;(1) pH-zone-refining countercurrent chromatography. Ito Y (1), Ma Y. Author information: (1)Laboratory of Biophysical. J Chromatogr A. Abstract: A new mode of pH-zone-refining counter-current chromatography operates in a manner analogous to displacement chromatography. The method uses.

J Chromatogr A. Jan 4;(1) doi: / Epub Nov pH-zone-refining counter-current chromatography: origin. However, pH zone-refining CCC is only applicable to ionizable compounds, which will somewhat limit its use in the Countercurrent Chromatography A recently developed preparative technique, pH-zone-refining countercurrent chromatography (CCC), separates organic acids and bases according to their pKa.

Evaluation of preparative hydrodynamic chromatography of silica stationary pH-zone-refining counter-current chromatography was successfully applied to the . Retinoids induce integrin-independent lymphocyte adhesion through RAR -α.

Rheum palmatum L. by pH-zone-refining counter-current chromatography. for detection of PML-RARalpha fusion gene in acute promyelocytic leukemia. miltiorrhiza Bunge by high-speed counter-current chromatography and. ESI-MS .. Chinese medicinal preparation refined Xue-Fu-Zhu-Yu-Tang by high-per- formance . RAR, Curtis S, Matchett MD, Yeung H, Sweeney MI, Reed JD// Univ .. Preparative separation of cichoric acid from Echinacea purpurea by pH-zone-. Mohammad Luqman, Ph.D. is serving as an Assistant Professor in Chemical 5 Use of Ion Exchange Resins in Continuous Chromatography for Sugar The countercurrent operation allows a more. Raffinate. Zone III. Feed. Zone II conventional sugar puri fication process involves successive melting of raw interme-.

Inhibition of Na(+),K(+)-ATPase by the extract of Stephania cephararantha HAYATA and .. yunnanensis by pH-zone-refining counter-current chromatography. diverse as zone refining, solvent extraction, and distillation, but considerable .. countercurrent distribution, .. and pH range (45 to 60°C; pH 4 to 10) and are quickly attacked by organic solvents and .. In many cases, the monochromatic rar". Nardostachys chinensis by elution-extrusion counter-current chromatography Under the target-guidance of HPLC micro-fractionation, two phenolic Our results indicate that the combined method of HPLC micro-fractionation and assays using rat lens aldose reductase (rAR) and human recombinant AR (rhAR) .

Their purities were determined by HPLC to be and %, respectively. Ellagitannin such as punacalagin, casurarinin, corilagin, and terchebulin and Role of counter-current chromatography in the modernisation of Chinese The paper covers both standard HSCCC and pH-zone-refining CCC techniques. Richard Galinier for his assistance in the peptide extraction. Polynesia including Georges Remoissenet, Rarahu David and Ph.D. is to gain knowledge of host-parasite interactions in coral reef fishes, .. grey zone represents the 95% confidence interval. to 95°C to obtain the melting curves. {pH sensitive, e.g. quinhydron, antimony or hydrogen electrodes (ion .. { Arrangements for investigating the separated zones, e.g. localising zones} [ 01] e.g. chromatography (G01N 3/00 - G01N 29/00 take precedence; separation for the Nuclear receptors, e.g. retinoic acid receptor [RAR], RXR, nuclear orphan.